Kingston Upon Thames Association for the Blind

Kingston Talking Newspaper

What is the Kingston Talking Newspaper?

The Kingston upon Thames Talking Newspaper brings any visually impaired person in our borough a weekly digest of local news and information on a memory stick. Currently there are over 100 weekly listeners. It is totally free to the recipients as it is produced entirely by volunteers and makes use of the free ‘Articles for the Blind’ postal service. A free sovereign box can be provided to anyone who needs one.

All the news is taken from local newspapers. There is also a short magazine section which can contain information from the local authority and organisations that have something of interest to offer to the visually impaired .

How does it work?

The magazine section is put together during the week and a master copy is created by one of the producers on a Thursday at our studio in Surbiton. Any late announcements such as bus route changes are recorded at this time as well. The postbags containing returned items from the previous week are collected and labels on the pouches are reversed ready to send out again. The local paper, usually the Surrey Comet, is scanned for a good mix of interesting news.

Three volunteer readers and a producer record the articles. Recording normally ends at midday, then the copying starts.

Pouches are then taken to the sorting office so that they may reach their destinations hopefully on Saturday morning.

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How can you help?

Volunteers are always needed to read and produce the Talking Newspaper.
In particular volunteers are needed to get involved in the transportation of the pouches and logging the returns stages on Thursday afternoons and the copying and transportation on Fridays.

If you are interested and would like to get involved in any way, please telephone Brian Gaff on 020 8287 4180