Kingston Upon Thames Association for the Blind

About Us

The Kingston upon Thames Association for the Blind (KAB) was established over fifty years ago, promoting the interests of blind and partially sighted people living in The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. They work closely with the Local Authority, including Sight and Hearing Service.

KAB also supports the weekly Kingston Talking Newspaper, as well as local groups such as the Surbiton and Malden and Coombe Blind Clubs, Social Eyes, Eye Contact, Ten Pin Bowling and Lawn Bowls. It also has an Eye Buddy Scheme that matches volunteers to blind and partially sighted people. There is also the Tandem Scheme. They always require additional volunteers from ad hoc help with small tasks i.e sewing, accompanying on one off day trips or exhibition to regular home visit.

Membership is free and is open to both visually impaired people residing within the borough or anyone that is interested with their wellbeing.

KAB is able to make grants available to visually impaired people who live in the borough for a wide variety of purposes, for example; Computer Software, Screen Readers and other software to enable independent living.

The Association receives most of its funding from the Greater London Fund for the Blind (GLFB).


Chair - Adrian Munt

Vice Chair - Carol Barnshaw

Secretary - Phil Margree

Treasurer - Jonathan Cooper

Sheila Austin, David Fraser, Brian Gaff, John Paine, George Phillips, Jake van Es, Philip Indge, Roy Smith MBE, Kevin White, Barbara Amess, Martin Gale, Joanne Westlake and David Robson.


Manager - Jean Warwick - [email protected]  

Development Worker - Gill Smith - [email protected]

Development Worker - Lisa Martin - [email protected]

Development Worker - Vanessa Fogden - [email protected]